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National Steel is a full-service metal shredding, a recycling company situated in Manukau, New Zealand. Our network of collection facilities collects process and recycle ferrous metals and nonferrous metals collected from across the country. The team at National Steel is focused on maintaining a sustainable relationship with their suppliers by rewarding them suitably with the international price variances from time to time. 

We adhere to strict industry safety and environmental practices to satisfy stringent regulatory requirements. National Steel has a strong commitment to the environment, sustainability and the health of the communities in which we do business. In all aspects of the business, we strive to implement best practices and the ideals of our Safety, Health Environment and Community Policy. We take seriously our efforts to be a good community and environmental partner. 

National Steel is a 100% owned and operated kiwi business and we take pride in providing professional scrap metal recycling at market rates, backed by solid business practices. Our goal is to be the preferred scrap metal dealer for Kiwis by providing excellent prices and service that exceeds customer expectations.

National Steel Christchurch
National Steel Auckland
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