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We are delighted to announce the addition of three Electric Material Handler to our fleet. Our purpose at National Steel is to safeguard our beautiful environment through sustainable management of our resources. In line with this and our sustainability commitment For Future Generations, we endeavour to prioritise the impact of our decisions using an environmental lens.
These two EMH (Electric Material Handler) will save between 8,869,500 kgs of greenhouse gas emissions every 10 years. Which means lowering the greenhouse emissions can mitigate its environmental effects that are extreme weather, rising sea levels, plant and animal extinctions, ocean acidification, and major shifts in climate. Further strengthened National Steel's reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as transitioning to a circular economy.

Exciting benefits of the EMH include:

  • Economical and efficient: Up to 50% savings in operating and energy costs.

  • Compact and flexible: Compact dimensions, various power supplies possible.

  • Mobility for every application: Powerpack solutions for freely movable machines, integrated Powerpack for flexible use.

  • Zero emissions: Clean technology, the low noise level for a pleasant work environment.

  • Always ready for use: Work without refuelling, longer service and maintenance intervals.

  • Cheaper to maintain - EMH's have less moving parts than a conventional diesel material handler, meaning less servicing is required.

GO Green Recycling Plant

Our team look forward to becoming eco-friendlier!

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